Thursday, May 30, 2013

Put one foot in front of the other...

I have to admit that is what I first thought of when the President-elect new theme was unveiled. Then I gave it more thought..Dare to Step Forward...nice. The themes fit very well. Of course all of the themes fit well...these are very smart woman and NURSES!

It was a week a firsts for me. My first trip to Boston. My first time sightseeing in a city by myself and see the path of great Patriots. My first time presenting at NTI. A week of stepping out of my comfort zone and into something bigger. I can hear all the past themes running through my head.

We are once again reminded that we, as individuals not to mention as unified group can do great things. Each one of us. We all matter. We deserve to be happy. And we must rest. Wow...powerful stuff.

In the weeks before I left for Boston, I was struggling with whether or not I still wanted to go and if I had it in me to present at NTI in the API track (step forward). Whether I wanted to travel to a city that had suffered a brutal, cowardly attack (together, stronger, bolder). Whether I wanted to go essentially alone, save my colleagues and friends from my AACN Chapter. I was so wrong...I not only wanted to go, I needed to go (dare to).

I learned so much - not just about clinical practice and being an advanced practice nurse but about myself (act with intention)

There are so many things that left an impression on me. So much that touched me and is pushing me to work harder and to do more (stand tall)

So the big questions is how will you Step Forward this year?

One foot in front of the other


  1. When confronting situations that may not feel comfortable or difficult, our natural response is fear to get out of our comfort zone. It is at that time you take the courage to step forward and hope for the best. Once you take the first step, each step thereafter becomes easier and closer to your comfort zone. Utopia is when your comfort zone generates the many positive feeling within you. This year I plan to step forward one foot in front of the other and deal step by step with my mother’s Alzheimer disease. It is my turn to assist her to and keep her from taking the steps too fast.

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