Thursday, September 1, 2011

Live from Las Vegas... EMS World Expo!

This is the first time I have ever attended a large scale EMS conference (I understand that EMS World Expo is the largest in North America) and it has been incredibly fascinating networking and meeting people from not only the United States but Europe and Canada. As an advanced practice nurse in Emergency & Critical Care I have a different perspective than that of my pre-hospital counterparts, but what I have truly come to appreciate this week is the need for continued focus for the collaborative and integrative approach to care between pre-hospital and hospital personnel and organizations. And not just with direct patient care management, but with quality improvement, patient outcomes and community outreach initiatives.

We as healthcare professionals tend to stay close to our own kind but it is important to branch out and seek knowledge and learning opportunities from other disciplines as we are all working to the same end and have an important role to play. Getting a different perspective on issues or perhaps solutions can improve system processes and ultimately improve patient outcomes. I met some interesting people that share the same challenges and obstacles in their systems of care thousands of miles away and even on different continents; a great reminder that we are all doing the same work and trying to improve care delivery and patient survival. I am a huge proponent of working smarter not necessarily harder; we have a lot to learn to from each other if we just listen.

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