Friday, March 2, 2012

Reaching out one story at a time...CodeSTEMI Series Unveiled

Lights, camera, action...CodeSTEMI series premiered at EMSToday in Baltimore, MD.

Despite sophisticated systems of care, numerous education outreach programs and the focus on being heart smart, cardio-embolic events remain the number one killers among men and women. As EMS and hospital systems across the country continue to build collaborative systems of care that aim at improving timely recognition and intervention of cardiovascular events such as STEMI and cardiac arrests, one trio is documenting the journey for various emergency medical systems across the nation. The result... an incredible documentary-style collection of real life stories of successes and challenges in developing high-performing cardiac systems of care. The first episode premiered last night at a special viewing sponsored by PhysioControl at the EMSToday Expo Showroom. The response was positive, leaving viewers anxious for more.

I encourage you to check out the first full episode: Rural STEMI System of Care: Sioux Falls

The CodeSTEMI team:

Host: Tom Bouthillet, Fire Captain/Paramedic
Executive Producer: Ted Setla
Second Camera: Chris Eldridge