Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The NTI countdown begins

So we are just days away from undoubtedly the largest gathering of nurses - the AACN's NTI conference in Boston, MA.

I have to admit, I have been slow to get excited for this conference; especially since the bombing occurred. Glued to the TV for days as the events of the attack unfolded, I was shocked and horrified and angry that yet again a senseless tragedy occurred on American soil. Relief poured over me when details emerged and the suspects were caught.

As many of my nursing colleagues have thought about I'm sure, I have prayed for not just the victims but the numerous nurses, paramedics, physicians, and other healthcare providers impacted by this act of terrorism. No doubt we will hear more this week from these frontline providers that worked tireless to save lives.

This is my first time presenting at NTI. Part of me is terrified. But I am starting to feel a tiny bit of excitement build deep within me...I am after all presenting on something I feel very patient about.

Over the past week or so I have given much thought about this trip to Boston...specifically NTI. I was reminded by someone very dear to me that it is a time to recharge my nursing batteries with many strong and powerful nurses. He's right. Nurses are strong and overcome crises and struggles everyday to care for patients and ensure the best possible outcomes. We are passionate and forward moving.

It turns out that Boston is a great place for NTI this year. Nurses and other providers always rise to the occasion and remain strong and resolute. So has Boston.

Yeah, I think I'm ready.

Boston Strong                                 Nurses Strong

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