Saturday, May 14, 2011

From Standing Tall to being Strong!

Together. Stronger. Bolder. That's the new theme unveiled at AACN's 2011 NTI conference by incoming president, Mary Stahl just a couple short weeks ago. I can safely say it was received excitedly by the 7,000+ critical care nurses in attendance, as the crowd chanted the mantra. This once again a awesome transition from previous year's themes - Act with Intention & Stand Tall. I commented on Facebook after the supersession that the themes were 'brillantly synergystic' - and they are. These themes build and compliment each other calling on nurses to reach higher, stretch further, & work harder at doing what we do everyday. I am excited to share this theme with my not only my nurse colleagues but all those that impact patient care and incorporate this year's theme into my daily work. What does Together. Stronger. Bolder. mean to you?


  1. Like the blog! I'll have to show my wife. She just started a blog:

  2. Thanks - I took a peek at her description and can totally relate!