Sunday, May 20, 2012

AACN NTI Orlando - Sunday

Today is my official start to the conference. Even as I type from the Orange County Convention Center, I am overwhelmed at the number of nurses, carrying the familiar blue tote (thank you AACN sponsors!) and badge holder around their necks. I see some faces I know and many I don't know, but yet there is a strong sense of kinship and knowing just who they are. They are me!

So I continue to pour over the session descriptions and schedules trying to figure out how I can squeeze in as many as possible in the next 4 days. I thought I had a well laid out plan before I left for Orlando, but now I am here, that has somehow all changed.  

The excitement is palpable. The networking has begun. I am looking forward to meeting up with classmates and colleagues both past and present. And of course the motivation and inspiration that is waiting for us in the supersessions from our president Mary Stahl and Dr Bertice Berry. 

I can't wait for the rest of the week. Not that I want to rush any of it - I want to savor every moment and recharge and reconnect to the profession I am committed to. 

So this is Day 1.


  1. Enjoying your posts Kelly!! Love those kind of positive conferences that rejeuvenate your caring and inspiration for nursing!

    1. Thanks Karen! A little recharging is good not only for the soul but to remind us why we do what we do! Keep reading!