Saturday, May 26, 2012

NTI 2012: A conference to remember

The week at NTI was an incredible one. It apparently had more of an impact than I even realized. And that is consciously recognizing that I am intellectually, emotionally and spiritually charged. But when I came home and began sharing my experiences with my significant other, the emotions just poured out of me. From the energizing opening by Sticks of Thunder, to the heartfelt stories of courage from Joplin, MO to the motivational keynote address by Robin Benincasa and all the moments in-between - the excitement and intensity, compassion and fatigue flowed out of me as I manically tried to convey a weeks worth of events in 20 minutes! As I showed him my drumsticks and Together. Stronger. Bolder. t-shirt and other goodies from the conference he remarked that he was so happy that there was an organization and conference that provided that level of professional learning and excitement for me. As I gave it more thought, I realized there is no other place that I can go and get the educational credits I need to maintain my three certifications, the relevant learning I desire, the celebration of nursing and accomplishment, the professional networking and camaraderie, the emotional nurturing, all in a spirit of fun. And oh did I mention, I get to experience all this is with thousands of my closest nurse friends?

Not that I could possibly list every detail or even quantify the conference, but some of my personal highlights of the conference include:

  • Opening Supersession on Monday - Sticks of Thunder, Mary Stahl, Pioneering Spirit Awards
  • Mastery Session on Break the readmission cycle by integrating Pallitiative care with life-saving therapies
  • Bertice Berry's Mastery Session - Becoming the highest version yourself 
  • President-elects new theme - Dare to
  • Robin Benincasa Keynote Address
  • Interactive lecture utilizing technology and the other amazing sessions
  • Networking with AACN board members 
  • Meeting up with classmates from graduate (CNS) & post-graduate (ACNP) schools
  • Nurses Night Out at Sea World
  • And so many other incredible moments
Thank you AACN and the numerous sponsors that make NTI possible. Having attended other conferences and professional organizations, NTI is of the highest quality and is very well organized. Not to mention fun!

This conference came for me at a important time as I embark on new path in nursing. Perhaps that is why it resonated so deeply with me. So as the post-conference journey begins how will I take the lessons learned and apply them to my practice, to my self as a leader, a healer, as mother and spouse? I leave you with the challenge Kathryn Roberts did...Dare To

Dare to Dream. Change. Lead. Act.   
What do you DARE TO do?

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