Monday, May 21, 2012

NTI 2012 Starts with a Bang...literally!

My Day 2 was the official start to NTI which meant the first Supersession - and boy was it super! We should have known something was up when they were handing out drumsticks as we walked in the door! The 2 hours were filled with excitement and inspiration and laughter and tears! From Bertice's beautiful voice and rendition of the national anthem to Sticks of Thunder jumpstarting the crowd. 

Mary Stahl sharing heartfelt stories of nurse heroes and nurses lifting each other up in laughter. Nurses reaching for what seems to be the impossible in clinical excellence to using their seemingly small voice to advocate for the patient no matter how new they are. 

It was a magical sight I'm sure watching thousands of nurse tapping drumsticks together in unison. Close your eyes. Imagine it. We are a community of strong nurses. Together we can accomplish many things. Together our voice is bold

We are powerful. 

Together. Stronger. Bolder. 

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